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E/C Glass Fiberglass Yarn

  • Product Specification:

    EC9-33Tex、EC11-50Tex、EC13-67Tex、EC13-100Tex、EC13-134Tex、CC9--33Tex、CC11--50Tex、CC13--67Tex、CC13-  -90Tex、CC13--100Tex、CC13--134Tex、CC13--150Tex,etc.

  • Filament Diameter:  9 Micron Meter, 11 Micron Meter, 13 Micron Meter.

  • OEM&ODM supported.

  • Sample available.

Products Description

  • C/E glass fiberglass yarn made of C/E glass,treated with starch type/paraffin type/silane type sizing.
  • Fiberglass weaving yarn is a kind of single-ply or multi-plied fiberglass yarn with twisting.According to composition it can be divided into E-glass and C-alass.
  • Can be well combined with epoxyresin unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl resin, phenolic resin.
  • It's mainly used for weaving all kinds of textile cloth in the scope of reinforcement,insulation corrosion resistance, heat resistance among all civil industries.

Product Features

  • High tensile strength.
  • Low fuzz
  • Easy to combine with resin.
  • Fabric feels soft.
  • Ideal material for grinding wheel mesh and filter cloth.


C-glass Fiberglass Yarn

It is mainly used for weaving fibeglass mesh, grinding wheel reinforced mesh, high temperature resistant glass fiber rope, high temperature resistant insulating sleeve, fireproof cloth, etc.

E-glass Fiberglass Yarn

It is mainly used for weaving fabrics for purposes ofisolation,corrosion-resistance,thermal-insulation and dust-fltering,etc.

C/E-glass Single Fiberglass yarn

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C/E-glass Twisted yarn products

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